In Germany, it is customary to query the Schufa before a loan commitment. If there is even the slightest doubt about the creditworthiness of the customer due to negative entries, then a loan will not even materialize. For those affected, this means a significant restriction on their freedom of choice in financial matters. This not only affects loans, but mobile contracts are rejected and in the housing search, a negative Schufa can also cause difficulties. Nevertheless, there is the possibility to apply for an online loan without Schufa with immediate payment.


Who are the providers of schufa-free loans?


When it comes to a mini loan, then Moneyper, Wisecredit and Wizcash are the first address. But one has to know that in this case too a Schufa query is made. However, these portals sometimes decide for the customer, if the negative entries in the Schufa are not so serious. The disadvantage of a mini loan is the low loan amount, because this is around 600 USD. Besides, the borrowers only have two months to repay the time. The advantage is that an immediate payment is possible. If the customer chooses express transfer during the credit application, the money will be booked within 24 hours. It is not uncommon for the loan amount to arrive on the same day.

Due to the low loan amount this online loan without Schufa with immediate payment is not always in question. Higher loan amounts are not available. That would work only with the Targobank, which forgives however no credit even with the smallest negative entry. However, there is another alternative that is also popular with customers.


These two Internet portals are credit intermediaries that do not lend themselves

These two Internet portals are credit intermediaries that do not lend themselves

They only mediate. Both companies have been involved in this business for decades and in the past have been able to help consumers with a negative credit rating. Due to their long work, they work with banks that are willing to lend even if the credit rating is already slightly weak. Customers need to dig deeper for this online loan without Schufa because interest rates are above the normal average. But if there is nowhere else to spend more money, then those affected will gladly accept it.


Real online loan without Schufa with immediate payment – is there such a thing?

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It actually exists. However, this loan comes directly from abroad. Many consumers will probably remember the term “Swift Credit”. This loan does not exist in the form at that time, since the Swift banks had no license to lend such loans without Schufa in Germany. This business activity was taken over by Alice Bank in Liechtenstein. She has an appropriate license and offers a real online loan without Schufa. It becomes problematic only with an immediate payment, because this is not possible for organizational reasons, since the bank must first check the submitted documents. But how does such a loan work and what about an immediate payment?

The Alice Bank in Liechtenstein has an internet presence. Interested parties can apply for this loan directly online. An agent can be commissioned but is not necessary. There is actually no Schufa query, but for this the borrower has to bring certain conditions to obtain such a loan.


The requirements for an online loan without Schufa from Liechtenstein

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The Alice Bank does not waive any collateral just because it does not check Schufa. For them, the credit rating is made up of other criteria. Anyone who wants to apply for such a loan at the bank first needs a permanent employment relationship. It is expected that the employee has been employed by the company for at least one year. The employment relationship may not be limited or terminated. The loan seeker must have his permanent residence in Germany and he must be of legal age.

The maximum amount for a loan is limited and depends on income and payroll tax. You can choose between loan amounts of 3,500 USD, 5,000 USD and 7,500 USD. The term is fixed, no matter for what loan amount. With a higher amount, the monthly rate increases accordingly. This loan is not reported to the Schufa. However, if there is a delay in payment and a dunning procedure has to be initiated, the Schufa will be informed and the balance due will be attached to the employer in accordance with the legal provisions.

The borrower must provide evidence of his or her professional situation and finances. The bank requires a copy of an employment contract, the last three income statements and the latest bank statements.